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Splash Anna.jpg
All craft medical supplies are twice as effective

Anna is one of the Characters in The Wild Eight.

Description[edit | edit source]

As a pharmacology student, Anna knows medicine better than the other survivors, and the medical supplies she creates are especially effective.

Bonus[edit | edit source]

  • All craft medical supplies are twice as effective

Story[edit | edit source]

Anna is a straight-A pharmacology student at the University of Anchorage. She went to Portland to visit her best friend for a week over the holiday break, but it snowed heavily on the last day she spent in her friend's neighborhood, and the snow soon turned to freezing rain.

The roads were covered with a dangerous layer of ice. Traffic was paralyzed, and all the TV networks in the Portland area warned people not to travel until the roads had returned to normal. Anna calmly decided to stay an extra night at her friend's house and fly home the next day, but her eighth day in Portland turned out to be a fateful one.

Anna is the youngest member of the group, but she understands the nature of her situation and is trying to stand on equal footing with the others. Thanks to her field of study, she knows how to get the most out of the medicinal herbs and plants that can be found in the wilderness.