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Splash Chang.jpg
-10% to the cost of learning new skills

Chang is one of the Characters in The Wild Eight.

Description[edit | edit source]

Chang is the most intelligent of the survivors, which allows him to waste less time learning new skills.

Bonus[edit | edit source]

-10% to the cost of learning new skills

Story[edit | edit source]

An intelligent renaissance man, Chang accumulated knowledge voraciously throughout school and college and was always one step ahead of his peers.

His hobby was collecting minerals, so the topic of his senior thesis was "Improved Methods for Scouting and Gathering Minerals in Alaska." The university appreciate his project for what it was worth and contacted a research center in Anchorage that ultimately approved the project - and offered Chang a job. Eight days later, Chang was on a plane.

He thought his dream was about to come true, but things didn't work out quite as he had imagined. However, his brilliant mind will help him in any situation, and even here, in the wilderness, he has no rivals in terms of breadth of knowledge.