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The various characters in The Wild Eight. There are 8 different characters each with different backgrounds and Skill perks.


List Of Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Jeffrey - Jeffrey is handy, so all Items he creates receive an an additional 25% durability. These items can be shared with the other survivors.
+25% to durability of Crafted Items.
  • Vivian - Vivian is just plain lucky. Not only does she have a higher chance of landing a critical hit, but somehow she always ends up with more resources than the other survivors.
+ 5% Crit chance (10% from behind). +40% More Wood gathered. + 40% More Stone gathered.
  • Robin - Robin is a young athlete who specializes in the biathlon, which makes him the fastest and most agile survivor and gives him a bonus to ranged attacks.
+5% speed & attack speed, +5% ranged attack power, +10% stamina recovery speed
  • Oliver - Thanks to his entrepreneurial mind, Oliver can determine exactly where he can cut corners without sacrificing the quality of the product, whether it be an item or a structure.
-10% to construction costs, -10% to crafting costs (basic resources)
  • Cole - Cole is the strongest and has the most stamina in melee combat. Give him a good weapon, and his strength will become a factor that enemies and other survivors will have to reckon with.
+10% melee attack power, +5% stamina recovery speed
  • Chang - Chang is the most intelligent of the survivors, which allows him to waste less time learning new skills.
-10% to the cost of learning new skills
  • Anna - As a pharmacology student, Anna knows medicine better than the other survivors, and the medical supplies she creates are especially effective.
All craft medical supplies are twice as effective
  • William - William is the best choice for beginners. He freezes slower and receives less damage from attacks, which is a huge advantage over other Characters. Leave him to less experience players.
+10% Defense. +5% Protection from the cold.