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The various Items in The Wild Eight.

Food[edit | edit source]

Preserved Food[edit | edit source]

Preserved Food
Canned food2.pngCanned Food /40p Hunger

Energy bar.pngEnergy Bar 20p Hunger

Peanut butter.pngPeanut Butter 35p hunger

Food ration2.png Food Ration 90p hunger

Super-mufin.png Super-Muffin 50p hunger

Wild Food[edit | edit source]

Wild Food
Northern berries2.pngNorthern Berries 15p hunger

Northern mushrooms.pngNorthern Mushrooms 30p hunger /Can be cooked

Human flesh (Raw).pngHuman Flesh (Raw) 80p hunger /Can be cooked

Huge piece of meat (Raw).png Huge Piece of Meat (Raw) 50p hunger /Can be cooked

Meat (Raw)2.png Meat (Raw) 30p hunger /Can be cooked

Rabbit meat (Raw).png Rabbit Meat (Raw) 30p hunger /Can be cooked

Mutant meat (Raw).png Mutant Meat (Raw) 40p hunger /Can be cooked

Huge mutant meat (Raw).png Huge Mutant Meat (Raw) 50p hunger /Can be cooked

Wild Food (Cooked)

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Northern herb.pngNorthern Herb
Commonly used for medicinal purposes

Others[edit | edit source]

Flare gun.pngFlare Gun
Discover near areas
Syringe of adrenaline.pngSyringe of Adrenaline /No crafteable
Looks equally useful and dangerous
Fnatic Diamond.pngFnatic Diamond /No crafteable
This diamond is shiny that equipping it will iluminate the area around your character.
Bidirectional teleporter(out of battery).png Bidirectional Teleporter(Out of Battery) /No crafteable
Each time use this device . it restores your body and equipement to a previous state. Limited number of charges.