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Splash Oliver.jpg
-10% to construction costs, -10% to crafting costs (basic resources)

Oliver is one of the Characters in The Wild Eight.

Description[edit | edit source]

Thanks to his entrepreneurial mind, Oliver can determine exactly where he can cut corners without sacrificing the quality of the product, whether it be an item or a structure.

Bonus[edit | edit source]

-10% to construction costs
-10% to crafting costs (basic resources)

Story[edit | edit source]

Oliver is a successful young entrepreneur, the owner of a famous franchise and a string of famous businesses.

He was flying to Anchorage to meet with potential partners who were prepared to promote his franchise in Alaska, which would have made Anchorage the eighty city to his his chain, but the place crash has delated this meeting indefinitely. Oliver prefers not to talk about his work because he understands full well that it has no significance in the wilderness - only practical skills matter here.

He sees his current situation as yet another problem that, though difficult, can still be solved. His talent as a distributor will serve him well - he can always find ways to use fewer resources without sacrificing the quality of his product.