Throwing Rock

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"Throwing Rock"
Throwing stone2.png
Can be equipped

Throwing Rock is one of the Tier 1 Weapons in The Wild Eight.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The throwing rock is one of the only thrown weapons in the game. It cannot be equipped or used, only thrown using the throw (default: right mouse button) key. When thrown at an enemy, the throwing rock stuns them for a brief period of time, allowing for players to get in 1 or 2 free attacks, depending on their attack speed. However, after stunned the animal gains a 100% stun resistance for a brief period of time. A standard strategy to using throwing rocks against aggressive animals involves hit-and-run tactics, waiting for the resistance to wear off before stunning the animal again. The throwing rock is very useful in both the early and later stages of the game, as any animal (except rabbits) can be easily stunned by the throwing rock. However, keep in mind that any enemy that cannot be hit with a weapon (such as the spirits in the Whispers of the night warehouse quest) cannot be hit or stunned with a throwing rock. Additionally, during any animal's attack animation (boar/wolf/bear), they can be stunned by the throwing rock, but will finish their attack animation, meaning the player can be hit even though the animal is stunned.

In-Game Menu Summary[edit | edit source]

Stones can be thrown at animals to stun them.