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Splash Vivian.jpg
+ 5% Crit chance (10% from behind), +40% More Wood gathered, + 40% More Stone gathered.

Vivian is one of the Characters in The Wild Eight.

Description[edit | edit source]

Vivian - Vivian is just plain lucky. Not only does she have a higher chance of landing a critical hit, but somehow she always ends up with more resources than the other survivors.

Bonus[edit | edit source]

+5% Crit chance (10% from behind)
+40% More Wood gathered
+40% More Stone gathered.

Story[edit | edit source]

Vivian and her brother Cooper grew up in a suburb of Portland, and they spent their entire childhood playing outside with the neighborhood boys, who considered Viv an equal.

They all said that Viv had the Midas touch - no matter what she did, it always ended up leading to some kind of benefit or profit, and she always wound up on top in matters of pure chance. You couldn't say the same about her brother Cooper. On the contrary, he always found himself in various scrapes from which Viv had to extricate him. This seems to have been the case when he went to work at an oil field in Alaska - no one has heard a peep from him in months. Viv's parents assumed that Cooper was in trouble again and decided to send Vivian to search for him in Anchorage.

Viv hoped that she would get lucky and find her brother quickly, but Lady Luck played a nasty trick on her: she might not have died in the crash, but no one can say what kinds of trails await her now.